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 Riga Northern Transport Corridor



Riga Northern Transport Corridor is the largest transport infrastructure project in Riga of last decades.

The overall objective of the project is to divert traffic from the centre of Riga City, improve environmental conditions in the city centre and city’s livability in general. Construction of the Northern Corridor will connect Riga Freeport to the Trans European (TEN-T) road network and improve the transport infrastructure system in Riga and its metropolitan area in general, raising growth opportunities and international competitiveness of the city, region and country in the long-term perspective.

Northern Corridor according to the Riga and Pieriga Mobility plan is considered as the priority project. Implementation of this project will result in convenient high-speed motorway crossing Riga from East to West and bypassing the historic centre of the city. The overall planned length of the road is 30 km. Western part of the Northern Corridor will connect to Riga bypass at Babite and will easily lead to Riga – Jurmala – Ventspils motorway (junction at Priedaine). Eastern part of the Northern Corridor will connect to Vidzeme motorway at Bergi. Northern Corridor will be integrated into the network of Riga’s arterial streets with 9-12 multi-level junctions. Motorway will also cross the 0.4 km wide Daugava River.

The project was launched in December of 2005. It is planned to start project construction in the period from 2015 until 2018, completing it until 2022.

Northern Corridor project has attracted financial support from the European Union Communication network (TEN-T) budget programs TEN-T 2005 and TEN-T 2007. This financial support is being used for preparation of sketch designs, environmental impact assessments, geological studies and hydrogeological modeling as well as for the in-depth economic, financial, legal and traffic studies.

It is planned to implement the Northern Corridor project combining different financial sources and financing methods. The EU funding will be allocated also in the future for the project implementation, meanwhile seeking also for solutions to apply public - private partnership (PPP) approach.

The level of financial and technical complexity of the Northern Corridor has made it a unique project for Latvia and the whole region. This project will help Riga to strengthen its position as the Baltic metropolis. It will also promote growth of the Latvian economy and present new opportunities to construction companies, real estate developers, manufacturing, logistics and other industries.